Zoning Board of Adjustment

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Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) Administration

The Planning and Zoning Administrator coordinates the administrative activities of the Zoning Board of Adjustment. The Administrator is available to answer zoning questions and to facilitate the processing of various applications. The administrator is responsible for preliminary review of all "Application for Relief" submissions including (a) Appeal from a Decision of an Administrative Officer, (b) Appeal from a Decision of an Administrative Officer – Variance, (c) Request for Special Exception, (d) Request for Equitable Waiver, and (e) Other [an example of which would be "Re-Hearing," etc.].

The Zoning Board of Adjustment regularly meets once a month, on the fourth (4th) Tuesday at 6:30pm in the Town Hall, 231 Atlantic Avenue.

Completed applications are accepted approximately one month prior to a scheduled meeting per the application deadline noted on the ZBA meeting schedule.