North Hampton Fire & Rescue


For residents who are planning on, or already have, a skating rink in their
yard that needs to be filled with water, North Hampton Fire & Rescue is
offering to fill those rinks utilizing our tank truck filled with surface water
taken from local bodies of water. 

Fire Chief Michael Tully is offering this public service to residents who
wish to have a rink for their family’s winter activities during a period in
which there is still a water ban in effect.  This is a proactive approach
in which the department can also assist in the prevention of potentially
emptying wells during a winter freeze for those residents attempting to
fill their rinks using well water.

The water used by the department to fill rinks will then return to the
environment as surface water at the end of the season when the rinks
are dismantled.  Working together, we protect our water, our environment,
our wells, and provide a safe alternative for our families and children to
enjoy the Winter months ahead.

For more information, call North Hampton Fire & Rescue at 964-5500.


North Hampton Fire & Rescue is excited to announce its first annual
"Adopt - A - Hydrant" Program! This program will be centered around
residents from our community clearing snow from around fire hydrants.
This help will aid in the Fire Department's mission to provide the highest
quality responseto an emergencyin a timely manner,

Local businesses in Town have offered a discount or reward to those
residents who participate.Residentsare asked to bring in a before and
after photo of the hydrant that they have adoptedso that they mayredeem
these discounts.

The discounts/rewards from local businesses will be listed in the North
Hampton Friday FolderEmails, on Channel 22 and on the Town of
North Hampton Website.

We would like to thank local businesses and Town residents for their
participation in this program. We would like to wish everyone a safe
and happy winter season!

Please call North Hampton Fire & Rescue at 603-964-5500
for more information or questions.