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Tax Assessor's Office
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Tax Assessor
Michael Pelletier
233 Atlantic Avenue, 2nd Floor
North Hampton, NH 03862-0710
8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
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All properties within the Town of North Hampton can be viewed from the Vision software link above.  The purpose of the assessing function is to develop, through an annual appraisal process, equitable assessments for all properties within the Town.  This assures that each taxpayer pays their fair share of the annual tax levy of the Town.


The Assessor's Office is staffed on Tuesday's by employees of Municipal Resources, Inc.  Please call 964-8087 to schedule an appointment and guarantee that they will be available to you.  They maintain records of real estate ownership, assessments, and sales on properties located within North Hampton.  Lists are available of properties by owner, street address, or map/lot number upon advance request.  Property tax maps are available on line by following the link for tax/parcel map or by visiting the office.  

Applications are available for Veterans' Tax Credits, Elderly, Blind, and Solar Energy Exemptions, Current Use Valuations, and Abatement Requests.  These forms, again, are available on-line or by visiting the office.