North Hampton Dog Park Committee

Mission Statement:

To establish a fenced in, off leash park where people and their well behaved dogs can socialize and exercise in a clean, safe environment without endangering people, property or wildlife.

To view the park as a community project in partnership with the Town of North Hampton.

To foster an increased sense of community by encouraging social interaction among citizens.


Belief of Committee:

We seek to encourage responsible dog ownership through the dog park and interactions with the community.  We believe this will be achieved through the public use of a dog park.

Board Members

Name Title
Pat McLean Chair
Casey Dupuis Vice Chair
Jalisa Bush Member
Willow Foley Member
Meredith Valee Member
Philip Thayer Member
Michael Trotta Member
Ronni Martin Member
Paige Libbey Member
John Dover Member
Amanda Jonovski Member