Economic Development Survey

Economic Development Committee

North Hampton gets serious about business- PLEASE COMPLETE AND RETURN YOUR SURVEY


North Hampton's local government is working to develop a plan for business development in our town. In order to formulate this plan we want to get input from North Hampton residents on what they want to see in North Hampton, so that our town pursues deliberate growth in areas that residents care about. Do you want to see more restaurants in town, or maybe a flower shop or a bakery? Do you think that the town should hire an expert in order to help us achieve these goals? This survey is your chance to have your opinion on these matters heard.

All residents and existing businesses received a survey this week asking questions about what our business community should look like. The UNH Survey Center created the questionnaire and will compile the results. The Economic Development Committee needs your input. Please complete the survey as soon as possible and return it to UNH.