Walnut Avenue Update as of January 12, 2017

Update as of January 12, 2017:  According to the New Hampshire Department of Transportation, local residents will see more activity in the coming weeks along Walnut Avenue. Work begins during the week of January 16th to route the river through a temporary pipe and to remove the existing culvert. The installation of the coffer dams will likely begin during the week of January 23rd. Coffer dams are large sheets of metal that are driven into the ground to create a dry space in otherwise wet conditions for workers. Residents are likely to hear some noise as a result of that process. The new box culvert, which takes 6 weeks to manufacture, is being constructed now. If good weather holds, work will continue with an anticipated completion date of mid-March 2017; however, this date is tentative since so much depends on weather conditions. Since there will be more activity in the coming weeks, motorists and residents are urged to avoid the construction area and to use caution while traveling along Walnut Avenue.

Stay tuned to this space for additional updates.