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Section III - Definitions

In general, words and terms used in these Regulations shall have their customary dictionary meanings.  Certain words used herein are defined as follows and are in addition to those outlined in the Town of North Hampton Zoning Ordinance:

Abutter: means a person as defined in RSA 672:3, as amended.

Applicant: means the owner of record of the land to be developed or the duly authorized agent of any such owner.

Completed Application: means the application form and supporting documents, as specified in these Regulations, that contains all the information the planning board needs to review a site plan proposal and make an informed decision.
Development:  means the construction of improvements on a tract or tracts of land which shall include the enlargement of the structure or physical changes to the site to accommodate the intended use.

Engineer: means a person licensed in accordance with RSA 310-A:2-27, as amended.

Improvement: means all structures, appurtenances, or additions to the site whether above or below the surface of the land, and including but not limited to buildings, construction of any kind, site grading, landscaping, street construction, utilities (including water, sewer, electric, gas, storm drainage), whether proposed by the developer, or required by the Board under these Regulations.

Sight Triangle:  means a triangular-shaped portion of land established at street intersections in which nothing is erected, placed, planted, or allowed to grow in such a manner as to limit or obstruct the sight distance of motorists entering or leaving the intersection.  Also known as a sight easement.  (Added 7/1/2003)

Street: means the same as the definition provided in Section II of the Subdivision Regulations.

Surveyor: means a person licensed in accordance with RSA 310-A:53, as amended.